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The DS-710 seal has a replaceable face insert, so that different face materials can be used to handle

a wide range of corrosive and abrasive liquids. The DS-710 seal face is integral with the composite PTFE bellows.


 For use with extremely corrosive chemicals, including concentrated acids and salts,
   strong oxidizing and reducing agents, and chemically active organic compounds.

 For external mounting in pumps and agitators vessels.

Operating Conditions

 Max. Operating Pressure : 12 kg/cm 2 *

 Temperature Range : -50 to 250 *

 Max. Rubbing Speed : 25 m/s

*(Depend on combination of materials)

Design Features/Benefits

  Mounted outside the seal chamber with only the internal surfaces of the secondary   
   seals and face in contact with the process liquid.

 Maximum corrosive resistance, longlife operation.

 Multiple springs exert even closing force on seal faces. Ensure even loading of seal face  
   and compensates for acceptable shaft misalignment.

Standard Materials

 Metal Parts : SUS 316

 Spring : SUS 316

 Rotary Face : Silicon Carbide/Tungsten Carbide/Carbon

 Stationary Face : Silicon Carbide/Tungsten Carbide/Carbon

 Secondary Seals : PTFE

*(Other configuration of materials also available on request)

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